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A question concerning Alea Evangelii

cgrn asked: Hi. I am not a professor or anything, but I would like to learn more about Alea Evangelii and your link came up. Do you know if the original manuscript has been translated into English by anyone? and is it possible to get a copy of the translation? I am interested to find… Continue reading A question concerning Alea Evangelii

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The Chessmen Unmasked exhibition

The Lewis Chessmen (or, more correctly: gaming pieces) are currently on tour for the Exhibition "The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked. Currently they are in The National Museum of Scotland. On their website you can find loads of interesting information concerning the pieces and current research. Exhibition: The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked On the website you can also… Continue reading The Chessmen Unmasked exhibition

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Celtic and Old Norse boardgames vs the omnipresent Chess

In both Celtic and Old Norse texts board-games are mentioned and described.In translations all these different games, the Irish fidchell, the Welsh tawlbwrdd, the Old Norse hnefatafl or other tafl games, are often identified as chess. In the case of fidchell this preoccupation with presumably chess already started in the 15th century, as is shown… Continue reading Celtic and Old Norse boardgames vs the omnipresent Chess