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Iphone app: Tafl

In these modern days there even is an Iphone Tafl app. It containsBrandub, Fidchell, Ard Rí & Tablut games. Rules and history are included. The Ipad app has 3 more boards.

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Coming soon

- How to make your own boardgame. - An article comparing the Irish games Fidchell and Brandub with Old Norse games. - A review of the program Det Brente Skipet from the Norwegian NRK.

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Return of the Lewis Chessmen

MP calls for return of chessmen The historic Lewis chessmen could be housed in an extension of the British Museum built on the Western Isles, the islands SNP MP has suggested. Angus MacNeil told a debate in Westminster that most, if not all, the 93 pieces should be returned to Lewis where they were found… Continue reading Return of the Lewis Chessmen