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Has Hnefatafl been introduced in Ireland?

Considering the extensive and intense contact between the Vikings and the people of the British Isles, it is not unlikely that some form of the Old Norse hnefatafl game has been introduced in Ireland. As we've seen in my previous post, fidchell seems an unlikely candidate. In the case of Brandub, which means 'raven black',… Continue reading Has Hnefatafl been introduced in Ireland?

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Celtic and Old Norse boardgames vs the omnipresent Chess

In both Celtic and Old Norse texts board-games are mentioned and described.In translations all these different games, the Irish fidchell, the Welsh tawlbwrdd, the Old Norse hnefatafl or other tafl games, are often identified as chess. In the case of fidchell this preoccupation with presumably chess already started in the 15th century, as is shown… Continue reading Celtic and Old Norse boardgames vs the omnipresent Chess

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Hnefatafl – bordspel van de Vikingen

Artikel Hnefatafl Een bordspel van de Vikingen In deze donkere dagen is het gezellig om ’s avonds samen een spelletje te doen. Dit is geen modern fenomeen, ook in de Vikingtijd werden er al bordspelen gespeeld. Een van de oudste en bekendste spellen is Hnefatafl ‘Koningstafel’, een aan het schaakspel verwant spel. In de Oudnoordse literatuur… Continue reading Hnefatafl – bordspel van de Vikingen

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Games Britannia

Games Britannia @ BBC 4 Episode 1 - Dicing with Destiny Three-part series presented by historian Benjamin Woolley about popular games in Britain from the Iron Age to the Information Age, in which he unravels how an apparently trivial pursuit is a rich and entertaining source of cultural and social history. In part one, Woolley… Continue reading Games Britannia