The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked

Another very interesting book about the Lewis Chessmen. The humorous and intricately designed Lewis Chessmen were discovered in 1831, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made in Scotland. To preserve the hoard as intactly as possible in a public collection, the majority of the pieces were acquired by the British Museum where they … Continue reading The Lewis Chessmen Unmasked


The Chess Piece Magician

Douglas Bruton’s first novel tells a fictional story behind the famed Lewis chessmen, which date from the 12th century and were found in Uig Bay in the 1830s. This fantasy adventure accompanies the recent craze about the Lewis Chessmen and is used by the National Museum of Scotland to get children acquainted with them and … Continue reading The Chess Piece Magician

Lewis Chessmen may not be chessmen after all…

Who has not heard of the Lewis Chessmen? These 900-years-old, beautifully carved ivory gaming pieces even made an appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as living chess pieces. A recent study made my heart skip a beat as it argues that these gaming pieces were not used for Chess, as has been believed … Continue reading Lewis Chessmen may not be chessmen after all…