The thing with the horns always bugged me when people talked about Vikings, just as it bugs me when people talk about the Celts they immediately come up with druids and magic and new age and treehugging. There is so much more to discover! Some of it has to do with magic and monsters and the Other World. Some things, however, are more mundane – take for example boardgames. We still play them on cold winter nights. What can we find within stories about these boardgames? When are these boardgames used and for what reason?

Abstract: Female, MA in Celtic studies with a minor in Viking (and Scandinavian) studies. Currently working as an Energy consultant for a railway company-  it is a challenge to find the time to do my own research. Hopefully setting up a blog will give me that extra push to keep going…


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. hoi Chrisje,

    wat leuk ik was aan het googelen en kwam dit tegen. ik moest je een berichtje sturen. We zullen vaker lezen en zijn nieuwsgierig naar wat er volgt.

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